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Over England, 1945, two North American P-51Ds fly an aggressive lazy-8 led by Lt. Marvin Arthur of the 334th Fighter Squadron in QP-U (44-7330) aka ‘Blondie.’ Lt. Arthur was credited with 1.5 kills before the end of hostilities in Europe.

Staff Sargent Don Allen was crew chief for the aircraft and a talented artist responsible for much of the great artwork that appeared on the nose of many of the 4th Fighter Group’s aircraft. This bird was originally painted as ‘Meg’, designated ‘QP-B’, and assigned to Lt. Boretsky, but was repainted and redesigned when reassigned to Arthur. Originally named “Davy Lee” after Arthur’s son, it was renamed ‘Blondie’ after his wife.


Sgt Allen and Lt Arthur in front of ‘Davy Lee.’



Cpl Jerry Byrge and  Sgt Allen showing off the new nose art on Lt Arthur’s aircraft in 1945 (click to enlarge).



Allen and Arthur 54 years later at a 4th Fighter Group Reunion.